Talking Chairs

Bespoke audio furniture for schools, museums, historic buildings, theatres, festivals and the home.

I design pieces of audio furniture for public buildings. Talking Chairs were originally created for the Book Lounge at the Royal Festival Hall in 2001 and continue to be made for museums, schools , libraries, waiting rooms and visitor centres.

Working in collaboration with specialist makers, I oversee the design and fabrication of each piece of furniture to make sure it's appropriate for the site and context. 
                                                                                                          Jane Revitt
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Talking Chairs in The Book Lounge, Royal Festival Hall, London

Christmas Chair & Cushions

 Map Cushions in the Talking Chair in Hebden Bridge Town Hall

The chair in Hebden Bridge Town Hall is a popular feature and is used by visitors every day. It's being used to display map cushions for a pop-up Christmas shop.

Tracey Thorn

June  25th 2013
The two Map Chairs are being used by Hebden Bridge Arts Festival again this year. Here's Tracey Thorn, talking about her new book, Bedsit Disco Queen while sitting in a chair....
Tracey Thorn at the Birchcliffe Centre,  Hebden Bridge Arts Festival
Photos Sarah Mason

Map Action fundraising auction

This A-Z chair was auctioned to raise funds for Map Action - a charity which maps disaster zones to help relief efforts. It was donated by A-Z maps who owned it since 2002.

Here's part of the article from the Londonist about the auction…

This unique piece of furniture was created by artist Jane Revitt for The Poetry Lounge – part of the 2002 Poetry International Festival at The Royal Festival Hall.
More than a chair covered in the A-Z map of London, it also includes loudspeakers in the wings, so you can listen to your favourite tunes.

Map cushions

July 10th 2012
The Map Chair which featured in Hebden Bridge festival's Poetry Shop in 2004 is still in the box office and always attracts plenty of attention. For the festival this year I produced some map cushions printed with images from 1953 Ordnance Survey maps.
Designs for ordnance survey map cushions show Hebden Bridge, Hardcastle Crags and Mytholmroyd, the birthplace of Ted Hughes.   

Salford libraries

March 2012

"The Salford chair is still as popular as ever, my colleague has organised for it to tour around libraries in Salford after the museum exhibition finished in January, and it has been so popular, people have been waiting at the libraries for it to arrive!"

Naomi Lewis, Outreach Officer, 
Salford Museum & Art Gallery

Salford Museum

January 2012
Salford Museum's chair was created for an exhibition celebrating 250 years of the nearby Bridgewater Canal. The chair was covered with fabric showing a map of the area in 1903. Voices of people recalling their memories and stories of the canal were played on the speakers.

"Jane's Story Chair has been by far the most popular and talked about part of our exhibition. Not only does it provide a visual focal point in the gallery, it is inviting and encourages people to sit, listen and slow down"

Naomi Lewis, Outreach Officer
Salford Museum & Art Gallery

Talking Chair designed for Salford Museum, with upholstery fabric showing the Bridgewater Canal