Chester Zoo - Wild Worlds

Three Talking Chairs - Chester Zoo
The Talking Chairs at Chester Zoo were launched at Wild Worlds, a festival of art, gardens and science taking place throughout the summer of 2018. They chat to visitors about the zoo's animals and the plants grown specially for them. 

 The Flamingo Chair  
Visitors can hear why flamingos are pink while watching them on the nearby lake.

photo Chester Zoo
The Chair is surrounded by a pink and feathery Flamingo Garden.
I collaborated with the zoo's horticulture team in designing gardens to surround the chairs. 
The Catmint Chair.
Visitors can press a button to hear why catmint and other aromatic herbs are grown for lions.
photo Chester Zoo 

The Enrichment Garden 
The garden surrounding the chair is planted with vegetables, herbs and flowers grown specially for the zoo's animals.
photo Chester Zoo

The Thornbush Chair 
Listen to surprising facts about rhinos while watching the beautiful beasts - a seriously endangered species.
photo Chester Zoo
The Chair is shaped like a thorn bush, one of the animal's favourite foods in the wild

The voices on the chairs are actors Alexandra Mathie and Dean Gregory. 

Creating the chairs
The chairs were made in Hebden Bridge by Wood & Wire

For more information about the project visit:
Wild Worlds at Chester Zoo